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The members of the Board of Directors met in January 2014 and agreed to transition the Club to a non-membership format due to lack of participation by the remaining members.  As a result of this vote,

Any funds left in the bank, once we have wrapped up our financial obligations, will be donated to the Central California Caged Bird Club c/o President, Jane Perez. Folks wishing to still belong to a northern California bird membership club can join the Central California Cage Bird Club - they will be happy to have you. 

Barry Cohen will be maintaining the bank account until all former club business is settled. Here is Barry's contact info:

Barry Contact info

If you need to reach us, you can email  santaclarabirdclub navigation image gmail.com

We will still be operating this website, our Classified Ads! our and our Twitter feed. It is possible that we will include a web version of a new version of bird newsletter if we hear back from enough folks that they still want one.

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